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So you're looking for a Ukraine missionary?  As time goes by, more and more are getting personal by blogging.  Hopefully, this page will encourage another blogger to start!

Ukraine Fortress

One thing we need to get clear - these days in English we usually call it Ukraine, not the Ukraine. With that aside, what is Ukraine?

Ukraine is a rich mosaic of cultures that go back thousands of years. It's in Eastern Europe, on the shores of the Black Sea. In recent history, the country has been independent since the dissolution of the USSR in 1991.

The peoples in Ukraine are mostly considered "Ukrainian", though there is a significant Russian population. Though not an official language, Russian is spoken, especially in certain areas.  There are about 44.6 million people in the Ukraine (as of 2013).

Ukraine missionary blogs

Though other new missionary blogs are filtering in from Ukraine, here are two that have been with us for a while.

First, Notes from the Footes in Ukraine (currently the oldest Ukraine missionary blog), which has been around since 2005 (a good long time in the blogosphere!).  The Footes have been in Ukraine since 2001, and are currently in the city of Kaharlyk.

Second, in Kyiv, we have a pediatrician who lives there with her husband.  She writes for The Heart of the Matter.  She works with kids - especially those with HIV/AIDS.

There are many more Ukraine blogs that we could talk about, but let me just mention a few more.

For example, you'll want to visit The Knotts Family for lots of great pictures.  Always interesting and a long-time favourite here is INSTE News From Europe.  Finally, a blog with a very interesting name - MinistryHappens . . .in Ukraine.

Do you want to know more about Ukraine?  Check out The Ukrainian Information Project for lots of information.  You can also see the ever popular CIA World Factbook entry on Ukraine.

Contact me if you're a Christian missionary blogger in Ukraine, and you just might be added to this site!

Ukraine sunset
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