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Of course, everything here at Missionary-Blogs.com is provided totally free of charge.  I hope you enjoy it!  Lord willing, it will continue to grow and expand.  If you enjoy what you see, and believe it's helpful, why not put a few dollars into the tip jar?

Where will my tip go?

Your tip will be used to pay for the upkeep of this site.  A website needs to be hosted somewhere, there is a charge for the domain name, and other tools need to be paid for.  Your tip will be used for those regular payments.

If there are enough tips in the jar to pay for these things, the left over will be used to help one or more of the missionaries whose blogs you see here.  We'll find some creative ways of doing that, if and when the time comes!

Please note, there is one exception to the above.  None of the tips will go to me personally.  The tips are only for the upkeep of the site itself, and to help the missionaries here (not including me).  If you want to give to me personally, you can do so through my website.

Other details

I cannot give you a tax deductible receipt for your tip here at Missionary-Blogs.com.

Click the button to make a secure payment below.  You can leave as small a tip as you like.  Even a few Dollars (or Euros or Yen or Pounds) will help keep the site running.  Thanks, and enjoy Missionary-Blogs.com!

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