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You can submit your missionary blog on this page.  Thanks for taking the time to be involved!  My hope is that this site will connect you to people who will get excited about what God is doing in your part of the world, and who can maybe be a part of what is going on there.


This site is not intended to cover everything and everybody - it has a specific focus.  This is not necessarily a statement on what a missionary is, or what site is good enough.  Here's what you need to understand before you submit your site:

  1. I reserve the right to include, not include, add or remove whatever blogs I want.  In other words, if I don't include you, don't assume that I don't like your blog, your hairstyle or your doctrine.  Don't even guess why your site is here or isn't.
  2. I'm looking for blogs of the Christian variety, generally of the Protestant nature. That means, for example, I'm not looking for Roman Catholic blogs, or LDS (Mormon) blogs.  I may post more details later.
  3. I want to include blogs that are generally family-friendly.  This is generally a family-friendly site, although I recognize that bloggers may need to speak on the harsh realities of the world, so I don't expect every post would be one you'd want to read to a young child.  On the other hand, love and respect should be the rule in the blogs you find here.
  4. I'm looking for blogs that are primarily in English.  I'm hoping that someday I can rescind this rule, but for now I need to stick with the language I know best.
  5. I'm looking for people who are living and ministering full time in a cross cultural environment.  This likely (though not always) means you're working in a foreign language.  But it at least means you're serving in a very different culture.
This includes:
  • People in the country of their birth who are nonetheless working in another culture.
  • People who don't like to be called "missionaries".
  • People working in so-called "support ministries" who still have significant cross cultural contact (ie an Australian working as a missionary airplane mechanic in Senegal).
  • Tentmakers, business as mission missionaries
This does not include:
  • People working in another culture that is a close culture.  I realize that most if not all Christians must share God's love in other cultures, across the street or around the world.  People living next door probably have cultural differences from you.  This is important work. But because of the nature of this site, I'm looking for people who are making an even bigger cultural jump.
  • People who work very part time in another culture.
These guidelines aren't meant to say who is and who is not a Christian, or who is and who isn't a missionary. They are simply meant to give a certain flavour to this particular site.

Now that you've read the guidelines, and feel your blog is a "fit", you can submit your missionary blog below.

Blog for His glory!

Note about the form:  First, if you are in a creative access country, you don't need to tell me your country.  If you don't mind, include your general area in the comments box.  Second, to speed up your acceptance, please do include a link to a doctrinal statement from your website, or your mission agency or sending church.  Thank you!

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Most wanted

Just for fun, these are the blogs I'm most interested in finding at the moment. I'll accept blogs from anywhere in the world, of course, but see if you can find these Christian missionary bloggers:

  • Missionaries in Belize
  • Missionaries in Australia
  • Missionaries in the USA
  • Missionaries in India
  • Missionaries in the Czech Republic

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