Missionary work in Australia

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The best way to learn about missionary work in Australia is to hear about it from a missionary to Australia! Here at Missionary-Blogs.com we feature several missionaries to Australia. This is your chance to meet a few.

In Australia, there has been a large decline in the number of people who attend church, in spite of the fact that a large number claim to be "Christian" (65-70%). There are a number of different groups that haven't had a proper Gospel witness. In fact, there are a large number of language groups that don't even have the Bible in their language.

Missionary Bloggers in Australia

Let's start with the Bookers as they do missionary work in Australia. Ryan and Adriel actually have a ministry not only in Australia but beyond in the Asia-Pacific region.Their blog features lots of fantastic photos and stories about what God is doing in the area.

The Pitts Down Under is our newest blog in Australia, started in 2011, though they have been on the field just since 2013. Read about the challenges that the Pitt family has in the missionary adventure!

Finally, be sure to check out Bill Hutchison - yes, that's the name of the person, and the blog. Bill is Canadian, married to an Australian, serving primarily in the area of "communication". And you'll get lots of great communication through his blog about missions around the world!

Keep praying!

Keep praying for the country of Australia. There are many groups that know very little about the Lord. Not only are these ethnic or religious groups, but also young people and students. But God is at work - and you can read about it in the above blogs! Quality of life in Australia is considered among the highest in the world, and yet few people are thinking about things with eternal value. So keep praying for these 23+ million people, and pray that God would use His Church to reach them.

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