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More than one Christian missionary to Spain has a blog - what better way to get to know them?   Blogging is becoming more and more common in Europe, and each missionary has unique insight into what the country and culture is like, and what it's like to serve God there.

Callaos Square, Madrid, Spain

Spain is a country of over 47 million people.  About 77% of those people are in the cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona.  Before we meet our missionaries, let's get to know the country a little.

A little about Spain

The Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España) is a European country with a rich history centuries old.  Today, Spain is a modern country with a large amount of income from industry and tourism.  Most of the 47.4 million people would consider themselves Roman Catholics.  However, some polls suggest that less than 20% ever even attend mass.  There are small but significant numbers of Jehovah's Witnesses, Evangelicals, Mormons, and Muslims.  Others hold to various religions, though a large number would say they don't even believe in God.

Palace in Madrid, España

Blogs in Spain

Bullfight in Madrid

Let's start with some experienced bloggers, the Newton Family in Barcelona.  They have been blogging at Project Southwest Europe since 2007.  Through their blog, you can connect with them on Twitter and Facebook, and of course subscribe to their RSS feed.

A long time favourite here - once known as Arista en España, now From Spain with Love.  Eduardo & Krista García are bicultural - he is from Spain, she is from the USA.

Another blog in Spain you'll want to check out is Our Mission Journey.  The Hunter family is involved in urban church planting in Spain.

Just a couple more...

Park in Madrid, Spain

You can poke around this website to find more blogs in Spain, but here are a couple more.  A missionary to Spain blog in Benalmádena, Spain, and finally Spanish steps online.

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