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It's great to have a missionary to Romania blogging.  Actually, we'll feature more than one.  But first, a little about Romania...

Romanian flag

A few facts about Romania

Romania is in southeastern Europe. It's capitol, Bucharest, is a city of over 2 million. Bucharest was the first city in the world to be lit with oil lamps (in 1856). Romania has a beautiful combination of geography, and is famous for the Danube River, the Black Sea, and the Carpathian Mountains.

The dominant religion in Romania is Romanian Orthodox. There are significant numbers of other groups, such as Reformed and Evangelical, are in Romania, but growth has been slow in recent years. There is freedom of religion, but there are still strict regulations, suspicion and even persecution.

A Christian in Romania may deal with things like ethnic disunity, materialism, poverty, and many groups in which there is very little Christian witness at all. Please pray for Romania!

A lady in Romania

Blogging from Romania

Romanian child

I have to start by mentioning our veteran bloggers, who don't blog as much as they used to but still have a lot of information at their site.  Be sure to visit The Bunnell Blog!

Next, stop by Nuggets from Romania, with news from Andrea from Canada.

You'll also want to visit Missionary in Romania, the blog of Sally Sebo.

Here's just one more missionary to Romania blog for you to check out.

Upon updating this page, I realize that we don't have as much blogging going on from Romania as we used to!  C'mon, bloggers - let's hear from you! :)

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