Missionary in North America

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Would you like to meet a missionary in North America up close? Now's your chance! In fact, not just one - let's take a look at a few, from all 3 countries in North America... Canada, the USA and Mexico.

Missionary in Canada

Canada has a unique mixture of language and culture, with huge variations in religion and ways of thinking. There are many many missionaries in Canada, and areas where few people really understand who Jesus is. Let's take a look at just a couple of these missionaries:

  • Just Mind The Gap: The Fawcetts work with First Nations peoples in Canada. Lots of stories, videos and pictures!
  • Rob & Martine Karch: In the Montréal region of the province of Québec, French and English meet to create a culture unique in the world. The Karches have also been blogging since 2005, and will give you a fascinating glimpse into the unique country of Canada.

Missionary in the USA

If you're looking for a missionary in North America, you can't skip the USA. But where do you start? Again, such a mix of cultures and beliefs really make the USA seem like many countries in one. Our focus here is on missionaries from outside the USA, or missionaries who are from the USA but working in a very different culture. Click here for more on missionaries in the USA.

At the moment we have an inexplicable shortage of these blogs. But although this isn't technically North America, it is a territory of the United States:

Missionary in Mexico

We have a lot of bloggers in Mexico - far too many to mention here! I'll give you a quick taste, then visit our Mexico missionary page for more.

If you're looking for more, find another missionary in North America in one of the four blog lists!

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