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Serving other cultures at home or abroad: Cross-Cultural Servanthood

Yes, there are missionaries in Asia - and there are missionary blogs in Asia! Asia is a continent rich in culture, and also the world's most populous and largest continent. In fact, it contains more than 60% of the population of the world! However, it only covers 8.6% of the world's surface (but let's face it - that's more surface area than the moon has!).

This page is actually going to focus on the Asia-Pacific region, not including Oceania.

Countries with their own pages:

If you're looking for these countries, you can read more about them on their own pages. These are some of the most common missionary blogging countries!

Just a few blogs in Asia

As I write, we have about 50 blogs in Asia alone represented here. You can check out some of the blogs on this page and the pages above! Or, visit the home page or Missionary Blog Watch for even more blogs from Asian countries.

Here are just a few of the blogs in Asia. First, how about some Christian missionaries in Nepal? Our Mission to the Himalayas and Beyond is the blog Mandy, just one of the family serving in Nepal. This is one of our newer blogs, but it's still been going since 2014.

Let's move on to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, commonly known as East Timor. Get to know this family of 6 who are sharing the Gospel and also helping with development and training of leaders. The Bacons going to Timor has been online since 2010.

In Pakistan we can visit the Sweaty Pilgrims! Check out their stories and pictures, going back to 2009.

Just a few more missionary blogs in Asia:

Please pray as believers reach out to the 4 billion+ people of Asia.

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