Missionary bloggers

Looking for specific missionary bloggers? More and more missionaries are choosing to blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, and give us a glimpse into another culture.  Here's a quick list of a few of the blogs that have been spotted here at missionary-blogs.com.

I've listed these blogs according to the length of time they've been blogging.  These dates represent the archives that are on their current blog, as far as I was able to access them, or if I know about a previous blog those dates are included as well.  On this page, you'll see only 5 blogs from each category.  Note that there are four blog lists - all linked from this page.  If I know the country that the blogger is serving in, that will be listed on those lists.  I never list all the blogs that are in the aggregator, so the blogs actually listed here will change from time to time.

This is an ever growing, ever changing list!  Over 350 blogs are now being watched.

The veteran missionary bloggers

The veteran bloggers

For many more veterans, visit the Veteran missionary bloggers page!

The experienced missionary bloggers

The experienced bloggers

For even more blogs from the long past, visit the Experienced missionary bloggers page!

The up-and-coming bloggers

The up-and-coming missionary bloggers

For more blogs started not-so-long-ago, be sure to visit the up-and-coming missionary bloggers page!

The brand new bloggers

The brand new missionary bloggers

Are you ready for a bigger sampling of newcomers to world of blogging? Visit our brand new missionary bloggers page!

Thanks for your patience as I try to get more blogs online.  With so many blogs starting and going off line, URLS changing, missionaries changing location or moving to a different kind of ministry, and blog name changes, it's very hard to keep everything totally up to date!

If you notice any errors, or anything that should be added, deleted or changed, please contact me.  That page also contains general guidelines for the blogs that appear on this site.  If you're in doubt, check the guidelines.  Thanks for all your help, and enjoy the blogs!

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