Missionary Blogger Update

So you're out there in another culture - blogging for the Lord.  But how can you serve God better, both on the internet and off?

How can you encourage more people to serve?

How can you share the vision?

How can you better glorify God by sharing what He's doing in the world?

Since 2005, Missionary-Blogs.com has been connecting people all over the world.  But I decided I needed a way to stay in touch with the missionary bloggers themselves, so that I could share with them new ideas and new ways to enhance their ministry through their blog.

So I created the Missionary Blogger Update (great title, I know.  I was feeling particularly creative that day!).  The free ezine is especially for missionaries working in a very different culture who also have blogs.  It will mailed infrequently (maybe once a month or less, depending on what's going on).  The purpose will be to give you ideas for improving your blog, and also for promoting it here at Missionary-Blogs.com.

If you're interested in using your blog to give glory to God, consider signing up below.  It is and will always be free, and you can opt out at any time.

Also, if you're not sure if your missionary blog is being watched by Missionary-Blogs.com, please visit the contact page, read the instructions and send me your blog URL.

Sign up for the Missionary Blogger Update here.  Remember, this is a free ezine for Christians working in a very different culture, who have blogs.  It is not intended for the general public.

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