Missionary Blog Carnival

Welcome to the Missionary Blog Carnival page.  This page will explain what a blog carnival is, and how you can be involved if there's one running right now.

A blog carnival, as it's run here, is basically a collection of posts around a single topic.  What I'll be doing is posting a topic (watch for it at Missionary Blog Watch).  Missionaries are invited to write on that topic by a certain date.  Then they will submit their post in the form below.

Sometime soon after the deadline, I will post a collection of links to those posts, and perhaps other posts that I've found on the topic that weren't submitted.  (If there are a lot of entries, I may post links only to the best ones).

Missionary Blog Carnival


The Missionary Blog Carnival should be able to accomplish a few things:

  • It will introduce you to missionary blogs you've never seen
  • It will start discussions on important topics related to missions
  • It will give free exposure to missionaries, and connect them to people who may be interested in getting involved
  • It will bring interesting collections of focused posts to one place


If you're a missionary who wants to be involved in the Missionary Blog Carnival, here's what to do:

  1. Scroll down to see if there is a blog carnival currently running, and submit a post!
  2. Subscribe to Missionary Blog Watch to hear announcements about future carnivals, and to see when a new topic has been posted
  3. Tell your friends who are missionaries about the Missionary Blog Carnival, so they can be involved too!
Of course, for most everyone who wants to read the great posts in the carnival, subscribing to Missionary Blog Watch is the most important.

Current Topic

This blog carnival is open to any Christian missionary working in a cross cultural environment, even if you are currently not in your country of service (ie on furlough/home assignment).  Please note Missionary-Blogs.com has the right to accept or reject entries for any reason.

The blog carnival is taking a break

There is no blog carnival at the moment. Please check back for the next topic soon!

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