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Serving other cultures at home or abroad: Cross-Cultural Servanthood

We know that people from all over the world live in the States - but what about missionaries in the USA?  For sure!  Christian missionaries are coming to the US to reach various groups with the Gospel.  Not only do they need to learn (at times) the language, and the culture (if they're originally from outside the States), but often they need to learn to understand one or more of the many cultures that are within the States.

Unfortunately, at this point I don't have many blogs listed from the USA. Please contact me if you know about a blog from a cross-cultural missionary serving in this country!   But let's meet those that we do know about, and hear what they have to say in their blogs...

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Let's start with Cindy in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Cindy and her husband help to improve hospitals and clinics in other countries through their ministry in the USA.  That means that there's travel in and out of the country.

Visit Chats with Cindy for more thoughts, verses, and reports on what God is doing!

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How about one more?  Steve is the blogger at Church Planting in Puerto Rico.

I guess the name says it all!  Steve is our veteran blogger in this category - he started waaaaay back in May 2004.  His posts are full of variety - pictures, ideas, news, stories, and thoughts.

Keep praying for these missionaries.  They have to face a rapidly changing society, the spread of nominalism (believers and churches that seem to have little growth, and who have little impact on society), and an increasing number of cultures (and so cross-cultural misunderstanding).  Operation World estimates that 3000 legal immigrants arrive in the country every day.

Do we really need people to reach out to other cultures in the USA?  Don't miss this article about the need for missionaries in the USA.

Are these challenges or what?

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