Missionaries in South America

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This page is entirely dedicated to missionaries in South America. Let's get a more personal view, by hearing from each of them, through their blogs!

On this site we talk about many bloggers from South America, so we'll just include a few here to get you started.

Country Pages:

We do have some pages that will give you more information about blogs in certain countries. Check out:

Sign on the border of Chile and Argentina

Long time bloggers

Let's start our visit to South America with some long time bloggers. Here are the first of our missionaries in South America - Chile, to be exact. Stephanie is serving with her husband and children in Chile and always has lots of great pictures to share.

Other long time blogs include Comings Communiqué in Brazil and The Archidona Deiterings in Ecuador.

More Missionaries in South America

Out of Argentina, be sure to check out Martin and Hazel's Blog. It's full of lots of stories about life in San Francisco a city of about 60,000 in the north part of the country.

Next, let's visit Ecuador through Ecuador Missions with Charles and Susan Templet. The Templets work primarily with the Kichwa and Shuar peoples of the amazon.

Moving on to other missionaries, in Paraguay we have Passion for Paraguay, still going strong after many years of blogging. Did you know that Paraguay has two official languages? No, neither of them are English...

Let's go back to Chile one more time - check out Millionstotell, which chronicles the teaching and church planting ministry of Jason and Jenny and their family.

There are many, many more - just to get you started, check out Immeasurably More, Justin & Krista Extreme, and Servants in Ecuador.

Snow in Córdoba, Argentina

There are many, many more! Check out the blog feed on the main page (which holds about 500 missionary blogs), the four pages of blog lists, and of course for the latest subscribe to Missionary Blog Watch!

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