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Serving other cultures at home or abroad: Cross-Cultural Servanthood

Let's find some missionaries in Europe, who are willing to share their lives with us through their blogs! Of course, since the early days of the Church missions in Europe has been a reality. Today, with so many missionaries on the internet, writing in blogs, we can get a glimpse of what God is doing there as never before.

There are 7 to 8 hundred million people in Europe, with such cities as Istanbul, Moscow, London, Paris and Berlin. For a small continent, it has had tremendous influence.

European countries with their own pages

These pages focus on missionaries in Europe in specific countries:

Actually, of all the missionaries - europe blogs, there are the highest number that we're watching in Ukraine. Way to go Ukraine missionaries!

European Country Highlights

We're not going to list all the blogs out of Europe here, but here are a sampling from a few of the countries that are especially popular or have a large number of blogs (again, these are not all the blogs from each country, just a sample)...

Missionaries in Europe . . .

Let's start with one of the blogs that has been going for the longest - Winkles Family Update out of Hungary, online since 2004. Pictures, videos and stories out of Europe.

Also started in 2004 is les Davey de France. Featuring short, but very frequent posts, lots of fun to follow.

Next, let's stop by SHANNON'S SPACE. Like many bloggers in Europe, she has trouble staying in one place - but as of this writing she seems to be in the United Kingdom.

Have you been to Bulgaria lately? If not, check out Our Bulgarian Adventure.

Russia - in this case, toward the "European side" - On Life in St.Petersburg

Before we finish, let's visit Phil and Martha Matthews in Ireland, serving in the Dublin area.

Finally, don't miss INSTE in Hungary. A wide variety of topics and pictures from Hungary and beyond!

Keep Praying!

For more about missions in Europe and around the world, be sure to check out Missionary Blog Watch, or search for missionaries in Europe here (try typing specific countries).

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