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Missionary blogs
Welcome to Missionary Blogs (dot-com)!  This is the place to find Christian missionary blogs from all over the world.  See what God is doing first-hand, as these missionaries share their hearts.

This website is now watching about 500 active blogs!

Not that long ago it was hard to find a missionary blogger online.
Blog Watch
 But blogging has exploded in popularity, and more and more Christians are tuning in to the ultra-current, personal news that is now available from every corner of the world.  Now you will be able to get a first hand glimpse into the lives of people that you haven't met.  You'll learn about cultures you've never experienced.  You'll learn about the joys and sorrows that are part of the battle for the Truth.

What can I expect to see at Missionary Blogs?
You'll learn about recent posts from missionary bloggers worldwide.  You'll be able to find bloggers in a country that interests you.  You'll be able to learn how to stay up to date with the latest missions news.
Signs in taiwan
 And who knows?  Maybe some of you will be inspired to be a part of missions in a new way!

The blogs

Let's get started now!  You can see below some of the most recent blog entries from about 500 blogs.  Just click to visit the missionary's blog and read the full post.  Or, use the menu on the left to meet some missionary bloggers now!

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Missionary Blog Watch
The blog that watches and reports on missionary blogs all over the world!
Missionary Blogs in Asia
Missionaries in Asia are blogging! Check out missionary blogs in Asia, including places like China, Bangladesh, India, and more!
Missionaries in Europe
Find missionaries in Europe right here - their blogs, their stories. Get a new perspective on missions in Europe with these personal glimpses!
Christian Missionary to Africa
The best way to learn about a Christian missionary to Africa is to hear from them directly. You can do that right now by reading the blogs of christian missionaries in Africa...
Missionary in North America
Let's take a look at a missionary in North America up close. Missionaries in Canada, the USA and Mexico are featured here through their very own blogs!
Missionaries in South America
Meet missionaries in South America by hearing their personal stories - through their blogs!
Christian child missions
If you're interested in Christian child missions, this is your chance to get an up close and personal look at what's happening in the world. These missionary bloggers are writing about thier work...
Famous Christian missionary blog
Do you know a famous Christian missionary that blogs? I do. Meet David Brainerd, a missionary blogger from the 1700s...
Missionary Scripture
Here on our missionary scripture page we'll find out what passages missionaries from around the world love. You might be surprised the passages that were chosen!!
Missionary Care Package ideas
Looking for missionary care package ideas? Here are some ideas right from the missionaries! Shipping, packaging, what to include, and more great ideas...
Missionary bloggers
A quick list of missionary bloggers, listed by the length of time they've been blogging...
Missionary Blog Carnival
Read all about the latest Missionary Blog Carnival - what is a carnival? Is there one running? What's the current topic?
Up-and-coming missionary bloggers
They started blogging not too long ago - it's the up-and-coming missionary bloggers, from all over the world! Read about what God is doing around the world...
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Index of the pages here at Missionary-Blogs.com
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This is where you can submit your missionary blog, and become a part of the Missionary-Blogs.com community...
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