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Here at Christian missions Thailand, you can find out what missionaries themselves have to say about life in the country! Of course, the Kingdom of Thailand (formerly Siam) is different wherever you go - different cultures, different religions, different geography. Let's take a quick look at the country before introducing the Christian missions Thailand bloggers...

Quick facts about Thailand

Thailand temple

Population:  About 68 million
Ethnic groups:  75% Thai, 14% Chinese, various other groups 11%
Capitol:  Bangkok
Religion:  94.6% Buddhist, 4.6% Muslim, 0.7% Christian, 0.1% various other
The three provinces in the south have a Muslim majority. Most of the Buddhists in the country are from the Theravada tradition, a conservative form of the religion.

Traditionally founded in 1238, Thailand was never colonized by a European power.  The word "Thai" actually means freedom. Today Thailand faces challenges such as the separatist movement in the south, and the threat of disease, especially AIDS.

The beauty of Thailand has drawn an unusual number of tourists over the years. Not only is the country breathtaking, the history of temples and ancient kingdoms fascinate people around the world.

The national sport of Thailand is Muay Thai, Thai Boxing.

Christian missions Thailand

There are a growing variety of missionaries blogging from Thailand. Here's a sampling:

One of the earliest missionary bloggers in Thailand were Joey and Narlin in their blog Borders of Faith. Started in 2006, this blog has got pictures, prayer requests, news and reflections.

A very active blog out of Thailand is Gleanings from the Field.  Not just thoughts on life in the country, but also a host of ideas and resources for missions in Thailand and beyond. Be sure you subscribe to the feed to stay up to date.

Another blog with lots of pictures is The Cross Family Blog. It was started in 2009, sharing perspectives of new missionaries in the country. Many years later, the journey continues!

Let's look at just one more. Working among the Phu Thai people of northeast Thailand are Ric and Sharon Bruce. Serving both online and offline, you'll hear about unique aspects of ministry here.

There are more! For more blogs from Thailand and other countries around the world, check out the latest posts on the home page, check out the partial missionary blog list, or keep up with the latest at Missionary Blog Watch.

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