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Do you really want to get a glimpse of christian missionary work Taiwan style?  Do you want to more more about Taiwan than just bubble tea and karaoke?  Let me introduce you to some missionaries that are in Taiwan right now...

Taiwan signs

One of our longest-running blogs in Taiwan is TheBellSite.  Jackie and Fran Bell have a blog that dates back to 2002, which actually makes it one of the oldest blogs we follow here.

This is a great place to learn about Taiwan and Asia in general.  The blog is also linked to a Flickr site with lots more!

From 2006 (and still going strong!) we have Johnson Updates.  The Johnsons serve at an MK school in Taiwan.  Check it out!

We'll look at more blogs from Taiwan, but first...

A little about Taiwan

Christian missionary work in Taiwan faces a number of challenges.  Taiwan is truly a unique place.  Located off the coast of China, the island is the home of over 23 million people.  The majority of those people follow a blend of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.  Buddhism is growing, due to very successful outreach.  There is also a small but growing Muslim community in Taiwan.

In spite of the small area of land, there are many groups with little Gospel witness.  There is a great need for discipleship, leadership training, and missionary training.

More blogs from Taiwan

Taiwan waterfall

Mission Taiwan will give you more insight into Christian missionary work Taiwan style!  There's lots to see here, all very well organized - information, photos, videos - check it out!

Also, don't miss Taiwan Prattler, from a writer who has been working in Taiwan since 1997.

You'll just have to keep your eye on the site for more blogs from Taiwan.  Meanwhile, here's just one more... Sandy's Neipu Notebook.  Living in southern Taiwan, Sandy has a lot to say about life and ministry and culture!

Thanks for visiting our Christian missionary work Taiwan page!  To read more great blogs, check out our missionary blog list, or read the latest at Missionary Blog Watch!

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