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We're going to take a look at each Christian missionary to Africa through their own blogs - words from their own mouths about what God is doing in the continent of Africa.

Africa has been the home of some of Christianity's earliest and strongest churches. Some of the greatest theologians and missionaries have themselves come from Africa.

Today, many churches still thrive in Africa. But in other places, the name of Christ is barely known. But each Christian missionary to Africa has her or his own story to tell about how Jesus is building His Church.

Where are these Christian missionaries in Africa? They're all over! Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Niger, Uganda, and Nigeria are all popular locations for missionary bloggers. Let's look at a few of the best blogs started by a Christian missionary to Africa:

Missionary in Nigeria

Kids’ Doc in Jos journals the life of Dr. Mike Blyth, pediatrician at Evangel Hospital in Jos, Nigeria. Dr. Blyth has been blogging just about forever, and always has fascinating stories to tell, and pictures to show. If this is something that interests you, you may find yourself losing an hour or two hearing about the lives that have been touched in this corner of Africa.

You can find more about the Blyths by visiting thier website, From Nigeria: With Love... Meanwhile, check out their blog which also has a news feed at

In Burkina Faso

Also a veteran blogger, Stephen Davies has been giving us tidbits of life with the semi-nomadic Fulani people. Voice in the Desert is the name of his blog, always well written (as it should be - he's also an author and freelance writer in his spare time). Blog entries go back to mid-2001, which makes this blog ancient in the blogging world. Another Christian missionary to Africa that's worth checking out.

His news feed is at

In Uganda

Gently Led, a blog started by Cheryl in 2005, is currently our oldest blog in Uganda. The simple thoughts and stories from a missionary in Uganda will make this blog a favourite with many of you.

Find the news feed at

In Senegal

In the West Africa country of Senegal, we have the Radford family! Blogging since 2010, this family of six shares their insights into life in both Canada and Senegal.

The blog is called Radford Reflections, and you can find the rss feed at:

In Mali

And in the Republic of Mali, we have Tom and Lisa Seward! The Sewards have been blogging since 2005, so you can get lots of background on their blog entitled Sewards' Online Snapshots.

As the name suggests, there's lots of pictures, but there's much more. Check it out! You can subscribe to their RSS feed at:

A few more

No, I'm not going to list every single Christian missionary to Africa blog here. The list is always changing, with new ones being added all the time. But here are a handful more to give you a taste of what's out there. Check them out to learn more about missionary work in Africa . . .