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Would you like to meet a Christian missionary in Kenya - up close and personal?  Well, you've come to the right place.  As a matter of fact, we have not just one Christian missionary in Kenya, but a few.  And you can get to know them by peeking into their journals (blogs) right now!

Zebras in Kenya

A few of the blogs in Kenya...

I won't list all of them here, but let me give you a few to get started with.  First, check out Pure Christianity.  One of the most popular of the missionary blogs out of Kenya, this one was started back in May 2005.  The nice thing about this one is that both husband and wife blog from time to time.  The Brooks family serve in Nakuru.  Their ministry is varied, but they have a special heart for the orphans of Kenya.  Their blog includes pictures, stories, personal thoughts on life and culture, and more.

Blogging since 2006, we have the Brown Family.  They have an excellent site and are "serving Africa through media and arts".  Their feed is found at

Another blog we've been watching here is FiveKennys.  Blogging since the summer of 2006, we've been able to see the Kennys' progress from early on.  The Kennys work in Muslim outreach and community development in Kenya.

Saved by God's Grace is one of our newest Christian missionary in Kenya blogs.  Started in 2008, the author now lives just east of Nairobi.  The focus of ministry is on children in poverty.  You can read more at their other website here.

Boy in Kenya

Let's look at just a couple more.

Paradoxuganda is more of a paradox than ever - since it's now coming to you from Kenya!  If you start reading this missionary blog, you may have trouble stopping.  Insightful stories since 2006.

Finally, let's end with "Safari za Omondis", also blogging since 2006.

There's always more to see

Every once in a while I add another Christian missionary in Kenya to the aggregator on our home page.  There are already some that I haven't written about here.  For the latest on missionaries to Kenya and other parts of the world, keep tabs on Missionary Blog Watch.

And don't forget to encourage and support these missionaries.  Did you know that about 44 million people live in Kenya?  That there are still many language groups that don't have a Bible?  That there is a major need for trained leaders in the Church?  That life expectancy is less that 65 years?  That most Kenyans live on less than US$1 per day?  That a long lasting drought has made the situation even worse?  Please remember to pray for Christian missionaries in Kenya.

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