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You've been looking for a Christian missionary in Indonesia?  Well, we have a few bloggers there.  Let's take the time to look at a couple.

Every Christian missionary does a very different type of work.  Take for example the Forney family.  Dave and Joy Forney live, of course, in Indonesia, where Dave is based as a pilot.

I love the description of this family's ministry from the MAF website:

Dave has a blast using the airplanes to help breach vast geological barriers for Christ. He's thrilled to be able to encourage and facilitate the work of many Indonesian pastors, missionaries and Christian organizations, while at the same time developing one-on-one relationships with the nationals he serves. Joy loves supporting Dave in His flying ministry, and providing a "place called home" for the family. When she's not concentrating on full-time mom duties, and the lengthy process of shopping for and preparing meals, she also enjoys using her gifts of hospitality and encouragement to strengthen their mission team, and build relationships with their Indonesian neighbors.

Both Dave and Joy have their own blogs.  Dave's is a long time favourite of this website - The Forney Flyer.  Blogging since 2008, Dave's posts are full of great stories and photos of his adventures.

As another Christian missionary in Indonesia, Joy takes the woman's perspective with Grace Full Mama.  Her blog is newer - started in 2011.  Full of thoughts and meditations of life in Indonesia as a wife and mother.

And here's one more Christian missionary in Indonesia... actually, another family - the Abbott family.

Jim and Joy Abbott have been around in the blogging world since 2005.  The Abbotts take care of other missionaries at a mission home - no small task if you read their "About" page!


Culture varies all over the Republic of Indonesia.  The country is actually made up of thousands of islands.  Straddling the equator, the land is tropical.  It's known for its archaeological sites, its natural beauty, its music, puppets, food and

stories.  As of 2013, there are almost 249 million people scattered over the islands.

Indonesia is well known for the vast number of languages that are spoken - 719 living languages, according to!  This means many many people groups with few believers, and a desire for good indiginous Christians literature that is not being met.  More people are needed who can learn the Indonesian languages and get to know the people of each group.

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