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I set out to see who is blogging about Christian child missions. What missionary bloggers are working with children, and what do they have to say?

Now the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of missionaries - maybe most - that work with children. And hardly any (if any) that work exclusively with children. So check out the rest of the website for many more stories about how God is reaching children through people like you!

But to start with, here are a few bloggers who are a little more involved with children than others. Remember, over a quarter of the world - is children!

Troy and Tara Livesay (Haiti)

There is more than one way to look at Christian child missions, and this blog shows us! Not only does their team run an orphanage, they also have 7 children under their own roof to look after! The Livesays have been blogging since 2005. Keep up the good work!

Rosalynn (Ukraine)

The title of this blog says it all - GUIDING THE FATHERLESS TO THE FATHER. Blogging since 2007, Rosalynn tells stories of her work with orphans and foster families.

The Ritchie Family (Honduras)

Serving children and more in Honduras - get a feel for the culture and hear real-life stories. Did you know that over 36% of the population in Honduras is under the age of 15? Read Honduras Missions now! This blogger has been going since 2007.

Why not take a look at these missionary blogs now? Here are some of the latest entries for you to enjoy:

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