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Serving other cultures at home or abroad: Cross-Cultural Servanthood

Missionary-Blogs.com is the place to go to find Christian missionaries around the world who write online journals, known as blogs.  A blog is usually like an internet diary.  More and more missionaries are writing about their lives and experiences online.  This site focuses on Christians working in a cross-cultural environment.

Missionary-blogs.com is not a missions organization.  Blogs are run by individual missionaries (or families) sent by their own churches and organizations.  To find out more about them or to contact them, visit their blogs and contact them from there.


I started this site as a way to help other missionaries out there.  How might this site do that?

  • Introduce Christians to missionaries.  I hope that the Church will gain a better understanding of what's happening in other parts of the world, that resources will be shared, that missionaries will be encouraged and prayed for, and that more people will be inspired to follow the Lord into a new culture, to share His love.
  • Introduce missionaries to each other.  There's nothing like meeting new friends - maybe there's someone you can work with, share resources with, and pray for!
  • Blogging ideas.  This site will be a place to share ideas and post tips for better missionary blogging.
  • More ideas.  I have some other ideas of ways this site may be used to help missionaries around the world, so stay tuned!


The Cottrill Family

I'm a missionary blogger myself!  My name is Jim Cottrill, and you can read more about my family and I on my website, CottrillCompass.com, and of course in my blog, Finding direction.

For several years my wife and I worked on the staff of a short term mission agency, training and leading mission teams of youth and adults to various parts of the world.  Now we live in one of the less reached areas of Mexico, where we pray God will continue to guide us as we let Him use us to make disciples.


This site has been created using SiteBuildIt!, a fantastic system for anyone interested in putting your interests, hobbies or passions online.  SBI! is also excellent for sending e-newsletters!

I have a blog!  Can I get it listed here?

If you're interested in having your blog "watched" or even listed here, you can contact me. There are certain guidelines you need to know about.  Go to the submit your missionary blog page.

Can I link to you?

Of course you can.  Just don't forget the dash.  Missionary-Blogs.com.  If you like you can download this graphic and use it:


How else can I help?

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