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Missionary Blogger Update, Issue #005 -- Is God doing anything?
March 20, 2009

Welcome to the Missionary Blogger Update!  I hope you will find this publication helpful as you continue to serve the Lord through your blog.

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Is God doing anything...?

Just a reminder - the next Missionary Blog Carnival entries are due at the end of this month.  Remember, you don't have to write a new post - you can submit something you've sent in before!

The topic is very simple:

One Life you've seen God Change

Thanks for the swarms of people that have already entered.... ok, the few.... ok, we only have one entry.  So don't let people think God's not doing anything - send in your entry now!

Tip: Post ahead

The common wisdom when it comes to blogging is this.  You don't need to post 17 times a day.  Obviously, quantity helps, but your visitors will get used to the quantity you're able to post.

But one thing that does make a difference is - consistency.

One thing a lot of people could do, but don't, is simply post ahead.  Of course, there are some posts that you want posted right away ("Please pray!  My roof caved in and my pet turtle is missing!").  But other posts could wait - a few days, or even a few weeks.

For example, pictures of your neighbourhood.  Something you've learnt about culture.  A devotional thought.

Many types of blogging software will allow you to write the post, and schedule it.  So here are some tips:
  • Decide about how often you want to post.  I suggest once a week is a good minimum.  If you have a really developed blog and like to write, it may be every day or even more than once a day.  If it's less than once a month.... well, try for a little more!
  • When you have something to post, check out when you last posted and maybe when you're likely to post again.  Then think if this post will be relevant in a few days, or a few weeks.
  • Schedule it according to your optimal posting schedule
  • One thing you can do is actually put up a checklist next to your computer, and check off when you've done your weekly post(s)
  • If you use WordPress, try the excellent Future Posts Calendar Plugin
  • Incidentally, you don't have to inform your readers that you've posted ahead.  It will only add confusion and waste your reader's time.  Obviously there are sometimes good reasons to explain that, but unless it's relevant it's not necessary.
  • Batch it!  Why not save time by sitting down and writing a whole bunch of short posts at once?  Take a piece of paper and write down 55 things you've learn about the culture you're in - something that would take a sentence or two to explain.  Then write up 55 short 1-2 sentence posts, and make it your Monday morning feature.  There - you have a post for every week for an entire year!

Keep up the great posting! :)

Grace & Peace,


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