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Missionary Blogger Update, Issue #003 -- Carnival last call, and using Photos
January 24, 2009

Welcome to the Missionary Blogger Update!  I hope you will find this publication helpful as you continue to serve the Lord through your blog.

Please note: If you are receiving the text version of this email, some URLs may wrap onto a second line. Be sure to cut and paste both parts to get the full URL.

Carnival last call!

Last call for entries in the newest Missionary Blog Carnival!  This is your chance to give your best advice to people considering missions.

Entries will not be accepted past the 31st of January 2009.  The theme is Advice for people wanting to be Missionaries?

You can write your post anytime (or even use an old post), and enter the URL in the form here.

Watch in February for a list of entries in the carnival, and also the next carnival (have a suggestion for a future topic?  Enter it here.)

Quick tip - Pictures for your Site

We talked in the last edition about using pictures in your blog posts.  Pictures are great, especially ones you've taken yourself.

But what if you're looking for something a little different?  Or a picture of something specific, that you can't take for yourself?

Most of you know that you can't simply copy pictures from other pages on the internet.  If the picture is not yours, or is not in the public domain, or you don't own the license to use it on your site (ie a Creative Commons license, or a stock photo you've purchased), you shouldn't use it on your site.  The photo is someone else's property.  (Of course, that is a simplification of a very complex topic!)

There are, however, many many places to get free photos.  For example, you can do a search on everystockphoto.  It will pull up photos from various sites.  Just make sure to check the license of each photo.  Some can only be used on non-commercial sites (most of your blogs would fit in that category).  Many (most?) require attribution - you need to credit the author and provide a link back.

A great place for clip art is the Open Clip Art Gallery.  Clip art is a great way to spice up your blog.

There are many other options - but those two can get you started.

If you're willing to pay just a little for a specific photo, you can get very inexpensive stock photos at Dreamstime - they have a huge selection.

By the way, I appreciate those of you who are willing to share your own pictures (for example, by using a Creative Commons license in Flickr).  I've used some in the past - and of course I've linked back to you!

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