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Missionary Blogger Update, Issue #006 -- Micro-blogging, and Idea, and Info
October 02, 2009

Welcome to the Missionary Blogger Update!  I hope you will find this publication helpful as you continue to serve the Lord through your blog.

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Blogs, Microblogs, and an Idea

Today I visited a blog, to discover it had moved.  In fact, it hadn't exactly moved, it had turned into something else - a microblog, which was actually not just a microblog but a microblog that was an aggregator of several other things including a normal blog (which was not a personal blog) and a photo feed et cetera.

You may have no idea what I'm talking about, but the point is, blogging is in a constant state of flux and change, and that's going to continue.

At, we've focused on more "traditional" blogging, and for a good reason.  I'm trying to point people to places where they can really get to know missionaries overseas, and read their stories.

Micro-blogging, which takes place on places like Twitter and even Facebook statuses, is another way to get to know missionaries, but ironically it takes more time, and is on a totally different level.  Still, I wish there was a place for it at the website.

But that would mean many many more feeds to keep track of.

My idea - can you help?

So here's my idea.  What if one or two, or even three, of you, could help me keep track of these feeds?

Here's what I'm suggesting.  I would carefully choose someone, or a few someones.  This would be someone who was screened (that means I know as much as possible that you're really a missionary, really a Christian, and not an axe murderer) and who is willing to spend a few minutes each week or month checking out new and old feeds to make sure they fit with the vision of

This person, in return, would be helping missionaries network all over the world.  They would also be helping them connect with people who may be interested in being involved in God's work.

And as a bonus, I would reward them with a gift certificate every one or two months for a Christian book store.

That's my idea, in a nutshell.

If you're interested, and want to know more, please contact me here.  Let me know who you are (your blog URL) and we can talk.

Today's Tip - key info

When someone visits your blog, and wants to get to know you, how can they do it?  Can they find out what you're doing, and what you're ministry is?  Can they find out why you're doing it?  Can they contact you?  If they want to help, can they easily find information on how to do so?

Some blogs do this well, others don't.  When I visit a new blog, I find it frustrating when all I read are posts assuming I know what's going on.  Instead of helping me get to know you, and giving me background, I'm just left with confusing hints.

On other blogs, I can easily find lots of information about the person and their ministry.

I understand there are some things you may not want to share, depending on your situation.  Sometimes you may not want everyone to know your address, or your title, or certain specifics.  But surely you would rather give people some kind of overview, rather than leave them to guess, and come to the wrong conclusions.

Another thing you can do - if you're spending time in your home country, carefully listen to the questions people ask, and then write a series of posts answering common questions.  Put them together into an FAQ.

Here are some blogs (from my random sample) that have some information, to get you started with ideas:
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