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Missionary Blogger Update, Issue #001 -- When People Want to Know
December 04, 2008

Welcome to the first edition of the Missionary Blogger Update!  I hope you will find this publication helpful as you continue to serve the Lord through your blog.

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Coming up... the next Missionary Blog Carnival

"I just want to know how to help the people of Haiti.  My heart goes out to these people who had so little and then lost so much..."

"I want to become a missionary...I'm from Korea..."

"I'm actually interested in being a missionary whether short term or long term.  I have a heart for Africa and am wondering if you have any contacts that I can speak to."

"We are a couple and we want to be missionaries in South Africa."

"I am a South African living in Australia and have become disillusioned with western corporate life. I wish to further my life for Christ with the destitute of Africa."

That's just a sampling of the many many emails I get from people who are thinking about getting more involved in missions.  And that's why, for this next Missionary Blog Carnival, I wanted us to think about how to answer.  The topic is Advice for people wanting to be missionaries.

No doubt some of these people aren't even believers.  Others are much further along and want to be more involved in multicultural ministry.  But what would you tell them?  Would you recommend a book?  Who should they talk to?  What pitfalls might they be able to avoid?  What should they be aware of?

As always, you can write a new post or enter one that you wrote a while ago.  You can write something comprehensive, or just talk about one aspect.  Then enter your post at the missionary blog carnival page.

Notice the deadline is the end of January.  I know many of you are very busy this time of year - hopefully making the deadline later won't make everyone forget all about it!  :)

Today's tip...

Often when I get emails asking about certain types of ministry (ie I'm a nurse and I'm thinking of serving the Lord in another culture) or specific countries, I direct people to missionary blogs that relate.  (Just for the record, I'm not giving people your email addresses!)  But sometimes I hear back from people, and they tell me they couldn't figure out how to contact you!

A year or two ago I wanted to give financially to a project one blogger was involved in.  I couldn't find contact information, so I left a comment.  That person to my knowledge never responded!  And as you may guess the money went elsewhere.

Please please please - have a way that people can contact you personally.

In my opinion, the best way to do this is to have a form on your blog that people can fill in.  If you use WordPress, there are excellent plugins that easily create very secure contact forms (here's an example).  If you have your own site and can upload your own pages, there are other scripts you can use to create secure forms easily (if you can deal with a little programming).  This form has a WordPress version and a php version.

I don't recommend that you put your personal address or email address on your blog.  You might create an email address just for blog contacts, but I suggest you do something to make it secure.  You could use a graphic (a picture of your email address, instead of actually typing it) or write something like imamissionary at missionary-blogs dot com.  That way your address is less likely to be harvested by spammers.  Those methods do make things rather inconvenient for your visitors.

You can also secure your address in various other ways.  Here are a couple of ways you can include your email address so its clickable for normal visitors:Just remember these two suggestions - DON'T ever put your main email address on the web.  And DO include an easy way for visitors to contact you personally.


Thanks for subscribing!  Tell your missionary blogger friends about this ezine.  And remember to glorify the Lord on your blog this month - remember Proverbs 25:11!
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