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Missionary Blogger Update, Issue #004 -- Carnival up, and a new location
February 09, 2009

Welcome to the Missionary Blogger Update!  I hope you will find this publication helpful as you continue to serve the Lord through your blog.

Please note: If you are receiving the text version of this email, some URLs may wrap onto a second line. Be sure to cut and paste both parts to get the full URL.

Carnival up!

You'll see by now that the latest missionary blog carnival has been published!  The entries were amazing - thanks to all of you who entered.

As I mentioned in my post, a few people's entries didn't make it into the post.  The usual reason was because they didn't send me a link to a specific blog post.  Be sure to do that if you're entering the next carnival!

And the next carnival is up!  I'm excited about this one - check it out at the Missionary Blog Carnival page.

Missionary Blog Watch has Moved

In other news, Missionary Blog Watch is now at a new subdomain, and is run by WordPress.  Special thanks to Norm Copeland, who has been helping with the transfer of posts and comments!

Some of you have links on your site to Missionary Blog Watch specifically (on a blog roll, or even in your post for the carnival).  Be sure to change your link to the new subdomain, so that you don't have broken links on your site.  Of course if your link is just to, nothing has changed.  The new URL is

Tip for WordPress users

This tip is especially for those with WordPress, or those considering WordPress.  WordPress has a lot of great themes and plugins, and so it can be easily customized.  That's one of the benefits of WordPress.

But finding the right theme can take a lot of time.  I've put on themes, and then realized they don't format well, or they have banners that can't easily be changed, or they don't work well with the latest upgrade of WordPress.

That's why I finally decided the actually buy a theme.  The theme is called Thesis, and it's what I'm using at Missionary Blog Watch.

Thesis? Why Thesis?

The developers of Thesis are committed to keeping it current.  It's also very well formatted, has clean code, works well with search engines, etc.

But the real beauty of Thesis is that it's highly and easily customizable.  Without having to get into a lot of programming, you can change the look quite significantly.  You can change the number of columns (I went simple on this blog with 2 columns, but other places I've used it with 3).  Change colours, change how the home page is set up, etc.

So in the long run, Thesis saves a lot of time and frustration, by simply working, and by allowing you to totally change the look of your site without searching for and changing your theme.

Those of you who are just posting every six months may not be interested in something like this (and of course it's only for WordPress).  But those of you blogging more often who are looking to save time and have a sharp looking blog that's easy for your visitors to use, this is something to consider.

See a demo and get more information at the Thesis page.

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